Texture solutions

Our solutions always meet the same requirements: satisfy your technical and economic needs

Ingredience and its partners select the best ingredients (stabilizers, texturants, gelling agents) to create your texture solutions adapted to your specific needs:

NATURAL HYDROCOLLOIDES: carrageenan, alginates, pectin, guar and locust been gum, xanthan gum, vegetable fibers.

TAYLOR-MADE FUNCTIONAL SYSTEMS are developed by association of a selection of hydrocolloides using all possible synergies.

We develop solutions for lots of applications:

DAIRY PRODUCTS: pudding and desserts,quark and cream cheese, milk drinks, UHT cream.

DELI FOOD AND SAUCES: mayonnaise, Ketchup, bechamel sauces, hot sauces.

MEAT AND FISH: cooked ham, sausages, restructured products, fat emulsions.

BEVERAGE: our stabilizer solutions bring an excellent suspensive power and suitable viscosity while bringing the desired body to the mouth.