Supplier of food ingredients, we distribute to French food manufacturers the product ranges of our partners (Hydrosol, Olbrichtarom, Ceamsa, Sternchemie, Vestkorn, LBG Sicilia, Roko, Planteneers).

ceamsa partenaires ingredience


CEAMSA (Compania Espanola de Algas Marinas SA), founded in 1967 makes and sells a complete range of carrageenan and pectin for food industry. Its manufacturies, situated in Spain and in Philippines are based on process that has been developed during all those years. A complete offer which is adapted and flexible according to your needs.

Ingredience, exclusiv distributor in France.

  • Carrageenan, pectin and fiber maker
  • Solutions for meats, milk, water and fruits appliances
vestkorn ingredients alimentaires naturels
vestkorn partenaires ingredience

Vestkorn, Norway

The Norwegian family company, Vestkorn, manufactures and markets from Denmark a wide range of natural ingredients of European origin, and from plants (Faba beans and peas) in response to current trends expected by consumers. Textured proteins as well as powders, starches, fibres and flours are available.

Ingredience, exclusiv distributor in France.

  • Natural origin
  • Faba and pea origin
  • Europe origin
LBG Sicilia ingredients alimentaires naturels caroube

LBG Sicilia, Italy

LBG Sicilia is a private and independent company founded in 2001, specialized in the production of high quality functional ingredients and systems for the food industry.

In few years, with its SEEDGUM® range, it became one of the leading companies in the worldwide locust bean gum market, supplying the most important food companies in more than 70 countries. The  factory is one of the most modern locust bean plants in the world with 3000T capacity.

Ingredience, exclusiv distributor in France.

  • Locust bean gum
  • Organic range
roko agar agar ingredients alimentaires naturels
roko agar partenaires ingredience

Roko Agar, Spain

Roko Agar, Family-owned company was created in 1955, and Mr. Daniel Aler founder of the company had a firm commitment in producing Agar-Agar with the most advanced technology available and with a view set on large scale development for the future.

As a result, the goal they setted themselves half century, has been attained. Industrias ROKO is now recognized as an international reference in the Agar industry and the largest manufacturer in Europe, exporting its products to every continent.

Ingredience, distributor in France.

  • Agar agar
  • European origin
  • Organic agar
hydrosol stabilisant alimentaire
hydrosol stabilisants alimentaires ingredience

Hydrosol, Germany

Hydrosol, company of Stern-Wyviol group is leader of stabilizing systems maker, and developed a big technological expertise in stabilization of food products like dairy products and ice creams, sauces, deli foods, meats and others. The tailor-made offer is the hydrosol business.

Ingredience, exclusive distributor in France.

  • Stabilizing systems maker
  • Dairy products and ice-cream, sauces, deli food, meats
  • Taylor-made solutions
planteneers produits vegan
planteneers ingredients alimentaires ingredience

Planteneers, Germany

Planteneersheadquartered in Ahrensburg, develops and produces custom system solutions for plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage and fish products, as well as cheese, dairy products and deli foods.

Ingredience, exclusive distributor in France.

  • Vegan product
  • Hybrid products
lecithines fournisseur ingrédients alimentaires
sternchemie ingredients alimentaires ingredience

Sternchemie, Germany

Sternchemie was created in 1980 by Volkmar Wywiol, one of the pioneers in development and sale of the lecithin, and he became the specialist of dynamic ingredients, guided by the customer. In addition to the lecithin, the product inventory counts now quality MCT oil, red palm oil rich in vitamins and coco milk dried by spray.

Ingredience, distributor in France.

  • Specialist in dynamic ingredients
  • Lécithines
  • Red palm oil, dried coco milk

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