Texturizers, stabilizers, gelling agents

We select the best food ingredients (texturizers, stabilizers, gelling agents) to create your texture solutions adapted to your technical and economic needs.


Texture solutions for many applications

We are developing food texturizers, stabilizers and gelling agents that can be used in many products: ready meals, sauces, dairy products (creams, desserts, cheeses), meats (cooked hams, sausages), fish, drinks, confectionery.


Carrageenan is a unique functional hydrocolloid extracted from special species of red algae. It plays an essential role in the food industry because of its ability to ensure the stability of dairy products, to control the water content of meat products, to stabilize ice cream or to give the desired texture to contectionnery products or even to fruit preparations.


Pectin is made from the peel or pulp of citrus fruits, it is one of the most versatile and valuable hydrocolloids. Due to its excellent gelling and texturing abilities, pectin is widely used in the fruit processing industry and in confectionery products as well as in the dairy industry, that is, in acidic dairy drinks.


Agar-agar is an excellent natural gelling agent extracted from red algae. It is used in the food industry and mainly in dairy applications, food products. It is one of the strongest natural gelling agents.


Carob flour is one of the oldest hydrocolloids used in the food industry and has unique properties in many applications, such as ice cream, cream cheese, jellies and sauces. Of natural origin, it is obtained by crushing the carob bean.


Xanthan gum is produced from the fermentation of a bacterium, Xanthomonas campestris. It is cold soluble and is used in a big range of applications for its thickening and stabilizing properties. Unique viscosity properties and stable to changes in pH and temperature.

Functional systems

Funtional systems allow a targeted answer to a problem in terms of texture. The combination of several hydrocolloids and/or ingredients within the same product thus makes it possible to offer numerous targeted technical solutions.

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