Plant-based ingredients and lecithins

In addition to texturizers, stabilizers and gelling agents, we offer plant-based food ingredients and lecithins that can meet the needs of naturalness and clean label formulation.

Products that respond to your needs

We offer food industry plant-based ingredients and lecithins that can be used for the development of many products.


Plant fibers are natural ingredients with high functional properties for a wide variety of applications. Their great technological properties are due to a high binding capacity of water and sometimes oil, as well as the temperature stability of the networks formed. This improves cooking yiels and reduces the fat content of the products. In addition, they improve texture and can replace other gums and ingredients in some formulas. Those ingredients are attractive cost-effective solutions, allowing a natural and « clean label » positioning with an allergen-free claim.

Native proteins

Native proteins have excellent emulsifying characteristics and good water binding capacity in formulas. They also act as stabilizer and improve the consistency of products. Pea and bean proteins are « clean label » ingredients and allow you to avoid issue of allergen and GMO.

Textured proteins meet growing martket demand for texturing vegan products. They come in varying shapes and sizes and are excellent sources of texturizing protein that are free from GMO and allergens.

Native Starch

Native starch is the natural starch produced from cereals, peas or beans. Native starch comes in the form of a white powder, exclusively of vegetable origin, and can be used for various applications, especially as a gelling agent and thickener.

Functional systems

Functional systems are tailor-made by combining a selection of hydrocolloids and proteins and using possible synergies. They are specifically made to meet the growing need for new vegan products. From meat to substitutes of desserts, a complete line and a selection of proteins allow you to create the product you want.


Lecithin is a dispersing and emulsifying agent, it helps mold realease and extends the shelf life of products thanks to its antioxydant effect. We offer you lecithins accoring to your needs : from crude lecthins to special products for each area of application with, for example, the supply of guaranteed GMO-free sunflower lecithin, as there are no genitically modified sunflower seeds.

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