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29 Apr 2016 | Agro food industry, Ingredience News, Partners news

For the food and drink industry, increasing indulgence through better texture is THE opportunity.
In the everyday enjoyment of eating, texture is often thought of as a poor second to taste and smell because textural awareness is subconscious. But food and drink R&D experts know that food texture has evolved to be at the forefront of food formulation and development.

We at Hydrosol are convinced that the future in the texturising arena belongs to smart stabilising systems with synergistic effects in complex food matrices. From among hundreds of individual ingredients, we can test the right combinations to develop stabilising systems that are an exact fit for specific customer needs.

Economy, processing, shelf life, texture, stability and flavour – almost all product qualities can be influenced with the targeted compounding of ingredients.

Since 1995 Hydrosol has been a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, an owner-managed group of companies independent of the big organizations with an annual turnover nearly 450 million EUR. Besides its own experience in applications research, acquired in over 30 years, Hydrosol has access to the comprehensive applications technology of its ten sister companies.

Hydrosol’s individual solutions are devised in our laboratories at the Technology Centre of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. The centre comprises the dairy laboratory, the meat laboratory and the deli food laboratory and also some other laboratories where our experts spend their days developing new, innovative products. With its ten laboratories on an area of more than 3,000 m² the Technology Centre is unique in size and equipment for an enterprise independent of the big organizations.

What you can expect from Hydrosol:

• Development of tailor-made stabilising solutions
• Development of new formulations and recipe improvements
• Process improvements
• Versatile applications lab with extensive test facilities
• Assistance with product testing
• Training and seminars
• Help with new marketing concepts
• On-site consulting

Dr Matthias MOSER – Hydrosol
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