News Partenaires: A new CEAMSA innovation center

29 Mar 2016 | News Partenaires

Article Partenaire : « The leadership position that CEAMSA today has gained in the global Hydrocolloid Business is thanks to a constant commitment to Competitiveness, Credibility and Creativity.
In order to secure such continued healthy and growing business, ground was broken on 16/11/2015 for construction of a new phase of the CEAMSA history.
Below  image illustrates how the new face of CEAMSA is expected to look like by 2nd quarter 2016.
The new Center will consist of a 2 story building with the ground floor allocted application pilot plants for Dairy, Meat, Fruit processing, Confectionery and Bakery applications.
The 1st  floor will be new dedicated offices for Export, Marketing, and Logistic departments as well as for Engineering and Production Management. »

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