An alternative to the cow milk yogurts with the Coconut Yogurt Concept

20 Jul 2016 | Agro food industry, Dairy products, Flexitarian, Healthy food, Ingredience News, Partners news, Vegetarian and vegan

Ingredience offers you a new yogurt concept, in order to skirt the tradition one with cow milk : « the coconut yogurt », developed by its partner Hysdrosol. This fermented desert with coconut milk is made with the traditionnal process of the classic yogurt. This novelty answers to the increased need of alternativ products to the cow milk in order to grow up the offered products range to the « flexitarians *» or for allergic or intolerant people to the cow milk. Different creamy textures are possible with the use of the STABISOL JFK-1 and the viscosity can be also adapted adjusting the fat content. A fresh and flexible concept as alternative to the traditionnal yogurts.

*flexitarian means people who are most of the time vegetarian but can eat for typical occasion meat, fish or other products from animal origin.