Hydrosol top 3 texturing solutions for vegan alternatives to dairy products

12 Juil 2018 | Actualité Ingredience, Alternatives fromage, Alternatives viande, Flexitarien, News Partenaires, Végétarien et végétalien

Article from our partner Hydrosol.


Our stabilising systems for plant-based vegan alternatives to dairy products like beverages provide balanced sensory factors, familiar consistency and good processing characteristics. And we don’t use just soy. The range is constantly being expanded with new plant-based protein sources.

  • Soy- and gluten-free
  • Appealing flavour
  • Outstanding mouth feel
  • Including whippable products such as cappuccino milk

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Our stabilising systems help you make a wide range of vegan desserts, from puddings and crèmes to fluffy mousses to fruit desserts, and let you precisely adjust the consistency of these delicious treats.

  • Smooth and shiny
  • Typical delicious flavour
  • Creamy consistency

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Vegan alternatives to cheese.

Whether in slices for bread and sandwiches or as melted topping for pizza, we supply stabilising systems for the easy production of vegan alternatives to cheese.

  • Convincing flavour
  • Balanced sensory factors
  • Familiar consistency
  • Good processing properties

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